Fluoride Treatment

Why is Fluoride Beneficial?

Fluoride is absorbed easily into the tooth enamel, especially in children’s growing teeth. Once teeth are developed, fluoride makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to decay and promotes remineralization, which aids in repairing early lesions (white spots) before the damage is even visible.

Why Should You Get Fluoride Treatment?

The fluoride treatment in our office is in a form of either gel or varnish. Both methods are significantly effective because they permit greater incorporation of the fluoride into the surface of your teeth, creating a broader layer of decay-resistant tooth structure.

Professionally administered topical fluoride is applied by our hygienists during your prophylaxis appointment, and it is left on for about 4 minutes. The patient should not brush their teeth until the next day after receiving fluoride treatment because its primary effectiveness occurs by its concentration in plaque and saliva to inhibit demineralization and enhance remineralization.

Fluoride varnish reduces white spot lesions during orthodontic treatment. Therefore, we strongly recommend fluoride applications for children undergoing ortho treatment.

Research shows that fluoride works most effectively when applied topically (from the outside in), as opposed to from inside out through your blood stream (fluoridated water, soft drinks and teas). The more often and deeply the fluorides are applied to your teeth topically, the more resistant to decay your teeth will be.

What are the Best Home Sources of Fluoride ?

Drinking fluoridated water, taking fluoride supplements, fluoridated tooth pastes and mouth washes are the most effective household means of delivering fluoride to your teeth. Green tea is also rich in fluoride.

For patients with a high risk of cavities we may recommend a special prescription-strength tooth paste, called Clinpro 5000, which delivers more fluoride to the teeth during your daily home use.