Your First Visit


If you have a dental problem that needs immediate attention, we will see to it right away. Otherwise, we will do a complete dental examination, including dental images to update your previous once. We use new-age digital imaging to replace the old-style radiographs, which reduces the radiation exposure significantly. Dr. Reilly will discuss his findings with you and answer any questions you may have.


We like to see kids and their parents quite early. Age 2 is usually a good time for a first visit. The kids get a chance to meet us and get used to our office. We also take time to discuss important preventive issues with their parents, and set up good dental habits. We would do a complete checkup, dental cleaning and fluoride (if needed) when your child is ready, usually at age 3 or older.

What to Prepare for First Visit

On your first visit we will need some personal data and medical background information for our records. Please bring the following:

  • Insurance card MUST be presented at time of first appointment (if unable to locate your card, please call your employer’s human resource department)
  •  Please fill out our Payment Arrangements Form (click to download on your computer) and bring it with you on your first visit
  • Name and telephone number of your medical doctor
  • List with names of all the medications you are taking
  • Any dental X-rays taken in the last 5 years, if possible
  • Please fill out our Patient Registration Form and Medical History Form (click to download on your computer) and bring them with you at your visit. You may print the forms out or we may fax or mail them to you
  • For children, please fill out Registration Form for Child  and Medical History Form (click to download on your computer). You may print these forms out or we may fax or mail them to you 
  • We’ve provided a Coloring Page for Kids as a tool to help you prepare your child for his/her dental visit. Before the visit, print out the coloring page and allow your child to color it. This helps children feel like they are involved in their care; they have papers to bring “just like mommy or daddy!”

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