Why Are Dental X-Rays Important?

Our office works with state-of-the-art dental imaging. What this means is that we no longer use X-ray films, which require a higher level of exposure to radiation and involve different chemicals to process. The dental imaging is similar to taking a photograph of your teeth. The new dental images are instantly available to be viewed and discussed with the patient.

There are three main types of digital images, so called:

  1. Bitewings X-rays. Bitewings images are an important part of your periodic dental checkups. They allow the hygienists to check for any remaining calculus between your teeth and under the gums, which is otherwise impossible to view. The bitewings also help us detect any bone loss or dental decay.
  2. PA X-ray. The periapical image could be an image of a single tooth. It is taken when the patient is experiencing a toothache or has lost a filling. This image helps Dr. Reilly detect any existing issues and diagnose the problem. Most toothaches are related to the root of the tooth, which is hidden underneath the gums. Therefore, a dental image is necessary.
  3. FMX. Full mouth X-rays are taken every 3 to 5 years (FMX is also part of the beginning of the treatment for a new patient). The full mouth X-ray series consists of 16 to 18 PA’s and is used to diagnose any existing problems.