We make it a point to reach out to all our patients, assuring you a feeling of comfort and confidence the moment you walk through our doors.

We understand that many people are anxious when they go to the dentist, and everything we do is designed to put you at ease. With our friendly staff and calm, relaxed atmosphere, we provide a high level of service with you in mind.

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. “Dr. Reilly Family Dentistry is my personal choice for great service. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is calm and welcoming, and Dr. Reilly puts me at ease right away! Even if you’re nervous about receiving dental care, you will have a positive experience at Dr. Reilly Family Dentistry .” –A.M., Cranston, RI

  2. ” Dr. Reilly has treated myself, my daughters, friends and colleagues for decades. They all agree he is the best. An example of his conscientiousness and professionalism is when he once again, helped me in the spring of 2010. I was dining out with a friend when one of my molars broke. I was disgusted, depressed and of course my vanity was bruised. Would you believe that my tooth was fixed in less than 24 hours? I should also state that his office staff are indeed the best too.” – R.B., Cranston, RI

  3. “Dr. Reilly is the most talented and gifted doctor of dental surgery that I have experienced in my 59 years since my first cavity at age 6. If you are of a similar age group chances are your mouth is filled with amalgams. If you are concerned about your situation and desire ceramic/porcelain amalgams, just ask. During the past 15 years I have broken a wall off of a handful of teeth and each time he has magically come up with a successful resolution of refilling when necessary and/or adding a prosthesis (fake) wall to the afflicted tooth with exceptional results. He has also successfully performed two extensive procedures whereby he adroitly inserted two crowns (caps) onto eroding teeth. His workmanship has significantly extended the lifespan of many of my teeth to date. What more can you ask for. If you have cosmetic concerns, let him know. He quickly repaired the bottom of my two front teeth that were uneven since I was 11 by adding additional material that made me want to openly smile again. He has magical hands with an incredibly soft and gentle touch guaranteed to minimize discomfort. He is also completely trustworthy with his dental advice and listens intently to any of your oral concerns and immediate problems. He will work with you at all times and is an advocate for a conservative approach to your dental needs. If you have progressive periodontal disease or need a root canal procedure he will provide you with select references to skilled professionals; thus, assuring you of quality procedures. It should also be noted that Dr. Reilly is a kind and benevolent person that treats you with respect. Good luck trying to find such virtue from the other doctors in your life. I only wish I had met him much earlier as my teeth would be way better off today. If you have an emergency, his cordial staff will find a way to get you in to see him as quickly as possible. In addition, his hygienists are also excellent as they will provide a thorough examination, detailed cleaning, and teaching techniques on proper flossing and maintenance. His office is also equipped with low radiation digital x-rays to ensure minimal health effects. You will also find his administrative staff and personal assistant are highly competent and very friendly in their approach to their service. You will be hard pressed to find a superior doctor of dental surgery anywhere in the state of Rhode Island.”–W.L., Kent County, RI

  4. “I strongly recommend anyone in caring need of cavity repairing, installation of crowns (caps), cosmetic repairs or enhancements come to Dr. Reilly’s practice for thorough and skillful treatment. His gentle, gifted, and magical hands move deliberately and accurately in a systematic process designed to enhance the task at hand while delivering minimal discomfort. He patiently answers any questions you have and seeks to effectively communicate with you regarding his assessment and options for treatment. He will work with you and calmly treat you with respect during administered procedures. Try finding that with the other doctors in your life. He is by far the most gifted dentist of my lifetime, and is a very kind and benevolent man as well. You will find his entire staff to be highly competent and very pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend you come here for your dental needs.” –W.L., from Kent County

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